Admittance Rules

  • Please be quiet inside the theater. Please use the lobby if you need to engage in a conversation so as to not bother others watching the show. Please use same manners as a movie theater.
  • Please do not put drinks on stage, lean over, or put your hand out on the stage, as it may cause accidents or distruption of the show.
  • Please do not touch the dancers' body or clothing, or speak to the dancers, as it may cause accidents or distruption of the show.
  • In addition to the above, please refrain from any acts that may bother others or is against manners.
  • Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed entrance.According to laws, we do not allow persons under the age of 18. We may ask for proof of age.
  • Touching of the dancers if absolutely prohibited!Strip show is a place to enjoy watching the show, not a place to engage in sex acts with the dancers.
  • Cameras and video cameras are prohibited!Please leave your cameras at the front desk. You may think to simply leave it in your bag, but it may cause problems, so make sure you leave it at the front desk. Secretly photographing is a crime.
  • Do not take out your phone inside the theater!Most modern phones have cameras. Also, sound from phones will disruption of the show. Please use your phone in the lobby or outside.
  • Smoking is allowed by ashtrays in the lobby.Smoking inside the theater is prohibited. This is in accordance with instructions from the Fire Department.
  • Intoxicated persons are not allowed.Also, if you become intoxicated inside the theater, we will take appropriate measures. If you will be drinking alcohol, please know your limits and enjoy the show.